Staten Island District 1 & 3 Sanitation Garage Complex Master Plan

Staten Island, New York

Urbahn’s role on this project is to develop the optimal redevelopment option through the study of a alternatives.
Our scope of work includes a comprehensive functional program of needs, assessment site/building conditions, environmental assessment, and the examination of a range of redevelopment strategies.

The site currently houses facilities to support the operations of District #3, including a large vehicle garage, a repair shop, a waste drop off area, and outdoor parking for sanitation vehicles that do not fit within the garage and employee vehicles.

With 378 staff and 270 large vehicles anticipated, the site requires extensive redevelopment, more than doubling the built up area.
After a series of stakeholder interviews and analysis of comparable facilities, we developed a detailed needs assessment and program. This included the all functional elements, space requirements, detailed criteria for equipment and environmental systems, and critical/secondary adjacencies. Because the heavy duty facility usage, specialized operations, and union work rules are all significant determinants of the building design, these impacts were well defined so that we could accurately develop budget estimates.
Our alternative scenarios included a variety of arrangements of both site infrastructure and building elements.

Selection of the optimal solution was based on the option that could be implemented with the lowest level of disruption to existing operations.

This preferred approach involves a phased approach that includes: 1) expansion of the borough repair garage and renovation of existing, 2) a new storage garage to be shared by the two districts, 3) demolition of existing storage garage, 4) construction of structured employee parking, 5) environmental remediation, and 6) substantial site redevelopment.

Renderings: Urbahn Architects PLLC