Manhattan District 6/6A/8 Sanitation Garage

Mahattan, New York

Located between the FDR Drive and First Avenue near the East River, this facility accommodates the operations of three independent sanitation operational districts, each with its own vehicle, personnel, and administrative spaces. The 4-story structure was designed to house 171 vehicles, including refuse collection trucks, mechanical sweepers, and employee cars. Vehicle repair, wash, and fueling facilities are located on the first two levels. Urbahn supported the city’s initiative to master plan the site to take advantage of an entire city block, locating the operations center in the middle, with the two ends reserved for private commercial development.

The surrounding neighborhood encompasses hospitals, EMS centers, laboratories, and mid-level apartment buildings; Urbahn incorporated a range of good-neighborhood design elements. To achieve LEED Gold, the design includes environmentally friendly materials and energy efficient systems. The dynamic façade and retail integrated at street level creates a vibrant experience for the surrounding community. In response to the 500-year flood zone, the design features storm resiliency measures.

Client: Department of Sanitation - New York
Renderings: Urbahn Architects PLLC