Lexington Avenue/53rd Street Station Complex

Manhattan, New York

Urbahn was responsible for the planning and architectural design to expand this station complex, relieving extreme congestion during rush hours.  Urbahn’s design added a 200 foot long mezzanine directly below 53rd Street, connecting the existing Lexington Avenue and the Third Avenue ends of the station.  A new escalator and an elevator are located in this mezzanine to facilitate movement between the 6 train platforms and the E/F train platforms.

Urbahn created a sense of expansiveness and fluidity by designing the walls of the concourse in a sinuous, rhythmic sweep.  The sinusoidal curves and colorful artwork stand in complement to the opposing rectilinear wall, while the serpentine bands on the floor and the ceiling thread through the entire length of the walk, tying the composition together.  The abstract mosaic installation by collaborating artist Al Held reinforces the unfolding experience as one walks through the concourse.

Manhattan, New York
Photographer: Elliott Kaufman Architectural Photography