Harborview Ambulatory Center Brooklyn VA Medical Center

Brooklyn, New York

This project included a master plan to upgrade the existing buildings to meet federal seismic codes and the design of a new Ambulatory Center.  Urbahn’s design of the new outpatient pavilion consolidates all outpatient services into a new building linked to the existing inpatient hospital.  The autonomy of the two-story structure is announced upon arrival through its prominent entry, separate and distinct from the abutting 1950s hospital tower.  The first floor supports primary care, with over 100 exam rooms grouped into four zones.  The design stresses clear wayfinding through rational and simple circulation patterns, bold signage and singular placemaking.  For example, each exam module includes its own patio with unique outdoor vistas.  Specialized clinics are located on the second floor.  Records, radiology, and support spaces are located in the basement.  We designed interstitial mechanical floors to facilitate change, and designed the structure to support an additional two floors.

Client: US Department of Veterans Affairs