Greater Bernard Lodge Mixed-use Development

Spanish Town, Jamaica

Urbahn’s master plan for this mixed-use development was premised on creating a sustainable city district that encompasses a full complement of uses: residential, commercial, entertainment, municipal, recreation, and community events. The layout was generated with concentric semi-rings, intersected by radial streets from the perimeter to the central commons. The development graduates from the low density outermost townhouse ring, to the increasingly high density of mixed-use, commercial and entertainment/recreation zones within the inner rings, with the open cultural community commons occupying the heart of the district. Three of the seven radiating circulation corridors transform from roadways with ample sidewalks to park-like boulevards, emphasizing the pedestrian friendly principles of the development. The townhouses are provided with natural green barriers, walkable paths, private parking, community elements, and playgrounds. The landscaped outdoor spaces integrate solar streetlights along the pathways, providing the ability to safely perambulate through the neighborhoods. The entire development is planned with green infrastructure, taking advantage of the latest technological advancements and passive environmental design strategies.

Renderings: Urbahn Architects PLLC