Urbahn is a thoughtful yet versatile architectural firm whose work has touched the lives of countless individuals since our inception in 1945. We serve organizations that engage the public in the multiple realms that impact our daily lives. This practice has formed Urbahn’s core belief that architecture has the power to manifest our ideals, strengthen our communities, and to elevate our civic discourse.

We believe that project success is realized through the interdependence of designers and managers. Urbahn’s team members work hand-in-hand to ensure that our projects enhance the built environment and achieve functional and performance excellence, while always adhering to cost, schedule, and regulatory parameters.

Urbahn is led by a diverse yet cohesive team born of cooperation and respect for each individual’s rich and varied experience. The firm’s principals and associates are guided by a common commitment to service, innovation, prosperity, and the hands-on approach they bring to every project

Natale V. Barranco, Donald E. Henry, Jr, Martin D. Stein, Rafael Stein and Ranabir Sengupta.