David Axelrod Institute
for Public Health
Albany, NY

David Axelrod Institute for Public
Health BioInformatics Lab
Albany, NY

FDA Veterinary Medicine Research
Laboratory Master Plan
Beltsville, MD

FDA Veterinary Medicine Headquarters and Research Laboratories
Beltsville, MD

National Institute of
Environmental Health Sciences
Research Headquarters
Durham, NC

Fermi National Accelerator
Laboratory Research Headquarters
Batavia, IL

Biomedical Research Building
Veterans Administration
Medical Center
Bronx, NY

OSI Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Farmingdale, NY

Bartlett Hall Electromagnetic
Science and Technology Laboratory
US Military Academy
West Point, NY

Brookhaven National Laboratories
National Sychrotron Light Source
Upton, NY

Vehicle Assembly Building,
Launch Control Center, and
Orbital Facility
Kennedy Space Center, FL